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ProjectLEADER® Inc.


We began supporting projects in 1978 with coordinating and scheduling shutdowns in the paper industry. This led to training people to manage shutdowns, then to start ups of new paper mills, chemical plant turnarounds, and new product development. Consulting on international sporting events and construction negotiation and oversight followed. We are uniquely equipped to manage, consult, train, and facilitate execution for a wide universe of projects. Our work has taken us across North America to Europe and Asia. We understand that every project and each client is unique requiring customization and flexibility by our consultants. We developed bedrock fundamentals for project success effective in every situation. Our experience has taught us effective consulting and management practices for delivering required project results. We believe in planning, planning, and planning. Contact us for reliable, predictable, controlled project delivery.  



Lee A. Peters, PE, F.ASCE

President, ProjectLEADER, inc.



With the freshman bonfire at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, Indiana, Lee began his career in project management. Tours of duty with the Corp of Engineers in Thailand and Vietnam converted Lee from science to engineering. Equipped with masters degrees in construction management/engineering and management (MSCE, School of Civil Engineering and MBA, Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University, Indiana), he established ProjectLEADER, inc. in 1978, a project management and facilities engineering firm in Indianapolis, Indiana. He and his firm has been involved in projects as diverse as the 1987 Pan American Games and the 1991 International Special Olympics, pulp and paper mill construction, pharmaceutical industry product development, and industrial maintenance. Lee consults world-wide on project management, leadership, and process improvement.



"We supply strategic, tactical and operational solutions and support to deliver projects – or as maintenance to delivering a myriad of projects.


We enable success in product development and commercialization, information technology, industrial maintenance, and capital construction…


We train and develop project leaders and teams to produce extraordinary results...


We consult with leaders to implement strategic initiatives, develop robust processes, evolving ever lean organizations, and rapidly achieve returns.”



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ProjectLEADER®, inc. 

Excellence in Project Management for more than thirty-two years!

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