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"Plan at the appropriate level at the appropriate time. A  project master knows
 what is the appropriate detail to plan
 and when it is the appropriate time to plan.

Lee A. Peters


ProjectMAN® Simulations

ProjectMAN® Simulations are designed to embed project management skills. 

ProjectMAN® internalizes superior project management, leadership, and people skills through experiential “hands on” projects.  Project teams dramatically increase their cooperation and commitment through participation in these simulations.  You can enhance successful completion of specific projects by using these simulations as planning tools.   

Individual skill sets, customized to your needs, present a project team with a selected set of challenges which include: strategic planning, risk analysis, partnered alliances, change implementation, contracting, controlling time, cost, quality, customer service, and empowering project teams. 

ProjectMAN® promotes success in: Exploratory Research, Product Development, Strategic Change, Facilities Maintenance, Information Systems, and  Capital Construction. 

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