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"First,"90% of the work takes place after 50% of the time to deadline has passed.

Create fail safe deadlines (this is a challenge!) people underestimate the amount of work required
and they are ignorant of all the problems.


Second, 5% of all that you do produces 50% of your success. Do you know the 5%?"

Lee A. Peters


We have enjoyed a variety of assignments gaining expertise in specific areas.


Product Development


Our experience in product development and commercialization varies from planning business strategy, facilitating scheduling sessions, to rolling out product development programs. Call us to explore your challenges and opportunities.




We can help recruit, equip, and deploy managers and workers for any size venue anywhere for any undertaking. We love this work and dedicate time and talent to good causes. 


Shutdowns, Turnarounds, Start-ups, and Commissioning


There is no harsher environment than shutting down production, rebuilding equipment, then commissioning operations. We have experience that includes multiple plant outages, major capital overhauls, commissioning new facilities, improving boiler outages, to individual maintenance jobs. Clients include owners, contractors, and consultants. We will help you and your team be the best that is humanly possible. 


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