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"Quality projects come from quality metrics – you can only improve what you can measure!"

Lee A. Peters


ProjectLEADER®- Project Control


Quality planning is the key to control. We plan the plan, plan the work, plan the project process, plan the team, plan the management, and plan leadership. Nothing is left to chance. Next, we plan, estimate, schedule, and establish control metrics for the work. Then we oversee the project looking for chokepoints, variation, slow decisions, or other issues limiting performance. The sooner these are recognized, the better the response. We call project management both Controlling ExplosionsSM and Creative ChaosSM. Good Controls, Good Vigilance means Good Results.



Incontinent projects? Scope leakage, Productivity losses, Quality degradation?

Plan-to-Plan® builds solid projects!


Plan-to-Plan Projects! – The key to project success! Plan requirements at each level: strategic, tactical, operational, task and technology. Identify the issues: assumptions, definitions, information, opportunity, risks, imperatives, decisions, resolution, results, scope, and performance. Plan a work breakdown structure for the actual plan. Produce the Plan-to-Plan® for your actual project. The key contributor to project success is planning. The plan-for-planning significantly improves project success.


Searchlight SchedulingSM – Identify and eliminate the causes of weekly completion failures. Without action, the same obstacles, the same problems, the same failures will remain embedded in future performance.


Project Oversight – project surveillance. We watch progress – scope completed; schedule consumed; and remaining effort required to forecast actual outcomes. We evaluate results, scope, and performance of actual progress against the metrics of time, cost, and quality of the plan.


The Project Audit – Evaluate scope, performance, result – where is the project and when will it complete? Reduce the risk, increase the probability of success, ensure completion, find the land mines, and flush out surprises by careful deliberate assessment.


Mediation – Resolve problems early before they take a life of their own.  Mediated solutions leave the parties in control of the answer. Breech obstacles by creating multiple possible solutions. The resolution is rapid, timely, and beneficial to the project. The relationship is preserved and even enhanced.


The ProjectLEADER® Challenge – On your marks, get set, go –evaluate project team readiness! Test the team, processes, and readiness for a vital project. We developed the project assessment model during the Tenth Pan American Games to prepare teams of volunteers to operate multiple venues. Test your teams by simulating the real project and real processes.

Fire fighting??


Prevent Fires — Plan-to-Plan


Perpetual Project Quality Improvement – Nine implementing strategies. Build quality into projects, into project processes, and into project management – forever and ever.

  • Use micro-audits to improve one finished result, one method, one tool, or one trade.

  • Measure and improve one management process.

  • Learn from lost time – eliminate the holes.

  • Change quality – values, beliefs, and behavior.

  • Survey project teams and improve identified opportunities.

  • Define and build the best processes.

  • Find and install the best practices – benchmark.

  • Audit twelve Core Competencies and improve.

  • Define, specify and achieve a World Class Project System.

In each strategy, apply the fourteen principles of quality management to the unique world of one-of-a-kind, time-accelerated, resource-limited projects.


ProjectMAGIC® Learn to Lead – Workshops for learning-to-lead projects. Learn Project Leadership by executing projects – lots of projects. Compress years of on-the-job-learning into days of experiential learning. ProjectMAN® Simulations accelerate learning through targeted rapid simulations. Participants become fully immersed in simulated projects and in project learning exercises. Learn planning, scheduling, estimating, negotiating, leadership, and mentoring for projects and project teams. Use these tools to ensure project success. Project tools developed from twenty-five years of professional project consulting.




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