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"What you don’t know will hurt you! "

Lee A. Peters


ProjectMAGIC®- Project Learning


Total Experiential Training through ProjectMAN® Simulations

Learn Project Leadership by executing projects – lots of projects. Compress years of on-the-job-learning into days of experiential learning. ProjectMAN® simulations accelerate learning through targeted rapid simulations. Participants become fully immersed in simulated projects and project learning exercises.


We  transform workshops with experiential learning designs – both instructional and consultative – into powerful multidimensional learning tools. Learning tools for planning, preparing, and insuring project success. Learning tools developed from twenty-five years of professional project consulting.


ProjectMAGIC®– Learn to Lead

Courage has been defined as grace under pressure. Leading projects requires much grace. Leaders set the example. Leaders preach opportunities, create better ways, remove barriers, and celebrate victories. Leaders influence by their being, by what they do, and by how they do it.


Projects create tough environments: deadlines, late deliveries, poor performance, incomplete communication, emotional strain, dishonesty, personal agendas, and blame. Project worlds are filled with almost every human frailty.


Leadership holds the key to extraordinary project success.


ProjectMAGIC®– Learn to Manage

Managing projects requires skills and talent different from managing day to day operations. Projects require much more hands-on supervision to stay on track and on time. Projects are testing grounds of ambiguity, discord, and continual change. The project is a voyage of change to cause change. Progress improves the accuracy of forecasts as more is proven and less is unknown. Learn the fundamentals of managing successful projects for success.


ProjectMAGIC®– Project Skills

Learn the skills of a project Master – of a project Jedi. These are the skills that separate a manager from a Master. 


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