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"It is not what we do not know that bites us,
 it's what we know and do not do!"

Lee A. Peters


ProjectLEADER®- Project Management


ProjectLEADER®, inc. insures successful completion of projects with expected results, within scope, through timely performance and controlled risk.

Prosperity in organizations depends on the ability to meet evolving marketplace demands. Strategic responses to these demands may be new products, increased sales, revised processes, reduced costs, or faster delivery. These strategic responses must be well-conceived and well-implemented to improve revenue. How is your organization prospering?

Frequently, strategic initiatives fail to produce expected revenues. This failure may result from:

  • painfully slow product development

  • sloppy integration of acquisitions

  • or clumsy implementation of organizational change

All are costly.

We make change effective!

ProjectLEADER®, inc. guarantees strategic initiatives will produce required results. Rigorously applied project management principles and processes deliver results. ProjectLEADER®, inc. tools and techniques insure understandable step-by-step implementation and measurable success.

Frozen Scope and the Abominable Snowman are alike;
 they are both myths and
they both melt when sufficient heat is applied.

How can ProjectLEADER®, inc.  professionals benefit you? Let us:

  • manage your strategic initiatives

  • enable employee skills and accountability

  • facilitate complete planning

  • help your people control project progress

  • train your initiative teams to apply ProjectLEADER®  Methodology to deliver strategic results

Managing organizational change requires excellent communication, integrated participation, and experienced guidance. Implementation must be simple. The implementation terrain must be completely walked. ProjectLEADER®, inc. provides the discipline to effectively implement change.

What strategic initiatives are crucial to your organization’s prosperity? Which are required for survival? Are there strategic initiatives that are moving too slowly? What results must be guaranteed? What languishes?

Completing projects can be exhilerating and growth experiences. We assure project customers quickly receive tangible, measurable results.

Projects can also last forever, never reaching completion. Starving projects of resources, time, or money slows progress, increases conflict, and emotionally injures the people on the team. Sometimes projects are flooded with people and money causing waste, distorted values and inefficiencies.

Project management methods and tools improve success. This management, this magic, insures adequate and timely flow of resources, time and money. Waste, inefficiency, destructive attitudes disappear. Predictability, creditability, veracity become the passwords for the team.

We help project owners, managers, contractors and workers find the magic of effectiveness and efficiency. We provide the skills to choose and achieve excellence. Together, we improve project results, project processes, project management, and the business of delivering projects.

At times, we take responsibility for the project. We know the thin line between success and defeat.

Reflect on your needs to insure delivery of projects and products. Ask for our approach to your specific challenge to produce timely results.


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ProjectLEADER®, inc. 

Excellence in Project Management for more than thirty-two years!

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