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'The process of planning is more important than the plan — the key is planning. Planning is an investment of time and people — the payback is speed and agility!'

Lee A. Peters


Lead with Vision and Values. Learn in a simulated environment. Learn with real team members how you lead and how to lead better. See yourself react to the stress of deadlines, incomplete communication, and emotional strain. Receive feedback from your team members on what you do and how to do it better.


Project Leaders:

    • Internalize excellence – demonstrate values in action.
    • Preach opportunities that reveal the mountaintop.
    • Equip teams for their work.
    • Improve project process by always seeking better approaches.
    • Be courageous in enabling others with position, permission, power, and protection.
    • Celebrate success in a thousand ways.


Practical Leadership – Leading People and Teams for Exceptional Performance

Many times, ‘hootin' and 'hollerin’ until something happens becomes the acceptable standard for leadership. Learn your leadership style. Learn other styles of influencing people. Learn to reach people at their maturity level to get things done. Get the just formed project team geared up to deliver required results. Identify the readiness level of an apprentice, a newly minted mechanic, a skilled mechanic, or master mechanic. Be ready to adjust leadership methods as circumstances and tasks change. Understand what makes each team member tick. Reach out and get everyone moving in the right direction, at the right speed, doing the right things.


Most leaders know the value of knowing themselves. To improve success and ensure lasting performance change, leaders must first know the readiness levels of their people and, second, adjust their leadership style to influence them. Learn to diagnose the readiness levels of followers. Then learn to use a host of combinations of supporting behaviors and task behaviors to influence performance and get the required results.


Developmental Leadership – for rapid growth

Build incredible project teams by mentoring. Develop a mentoring approach that enhances project team results and improves individual performance. Practice mentoring skills of teaching, coaching, and counseling. Identify the project leader core competencies underlying the desired performance. Increase the eleven core competencies in the practice of project leadership. Recognize and diagnose project management performance for project teams and individuals. Locate the performance variance in progress, the project process, or in results.

Mentoring enhances specific project management skills of all people in a targeted organization. At the same time, grow mentoring skills of a group of six-to-eight individuals. Mentoring includes helping individuals, project teams, and the organization grow in project performance. Half-day workshops train the mentors and improve project management skill sets. The mentors are responsible to continue enhancing project management performance.


Learn to Lead in HadesSM – for incredible results

Understand the thousand ways leadership surrounds and permeates project system. Differentiate leadership from other skills of project management. Realize importance of intentional communication. Experience fragility of teamwork. Practice interpersonal skills – teaching, coaching, mentoring, counseling, confronting. Use skills of leadership – visioning, enabling, ever improving, and instilling courage.


Project Leaders see the vision, paint the vision, imprint the vision on the hearts of the project team. They do not accept the status quo – they seek a better way! Relentless improvement and the search for excellence are marks of true leaders. Leaders encourage and reward risk taking – and they protect those at risk. Project Leaders give the glory to the project team – again and again!!!


Leading is communicating. Leaders ask for excellence, preach possibilities, live the example, empower and protect others, and recognize each contribution to project success. Learn to embed values, vision, culture, recognition, and rewards in all nooks and crannies of a project.



Develop Leaders

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