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"No project has ever failed from being over-planned!

Break the project down into ever smaller chunks:
•to correctly estimate cost

•then smaller
 to predict proper time and effort

•then to yet smaller chunks
 so progress can be measured for management response.

Lee A. Peters


Manage Resources and Results. Organize and deploy resources across tasks or tasks across resources. Complete projects and deliver results. Learn the tools and techniques of running projects in a real environment. Quickly learn what works and what does not. Test new ideas, new approaches in a fail-safe environment. 


Controlling ExplosionsSM – Use project management principles for premier project performance

Build a foundation of project fundamentals. Define imperatives of project fundamentals: Result, Scope, and Performance. Identify desired Results. Isolate the Criteria for Success. Understand roles and responsibilities of different project players. Identify Issues: Risks, Decisions, Assumptions, Unknowns, and Imperatives. Plan Project Strategy, Tactics, and Key Methods. Understand Methods – how, when, who, with what. Completely identify Performance required to accomplish each element of Scope.


Creative ChaosSM – The Mystical Art of Managing Multiple Projects

This workshop embeds rigorous key multiple project competencies: multiple project processes, controlling metrics, multiple project management, organizational project processes, project team processes, and project leadership. Participants learn to: See a project process (each organization has a slightly different process for completing projects); Document each process; Ensure process fits the project. Understand big picture; Adapt project management to different types of projects in portfolio; Value estimating effort – know how much work it really takes; Identify issues in multiple projects that need to be addressed at the Strategic, Tactical, Operational, Task/Technology planning levels.

Develop Leaders

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