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Accelerate Learning


We believe the mind assimilates learning in a metaphor as readily as it learns in a “real” environment. Our simulations accelerate experiential learning by providing access to repeated cycles of learning in a workshop environment.

We believe learning must be applied to be adopted. We created a learning environment that encourages experimentation and provides immediate feedback, leading to more effective application of lessons in “real” situations. Simulations provide a fail-safe environment and build confidence for application of tools mastered.

We structure our simulations to meet criteria we believe accelerate learning:

    Adults learn by doing.

    Each simulation is a team-focused activity.

    Adults learn when fully engaged.

    Simulations employ all senses in what universally becomes a very intense, lifelike experience.

    Adults learn by struggle.

    Each simulation incorporates trial and error within a challenging project.

    Adults learn from each other.

    The simulations maximize individual learning through shared experience.

    Adults want improvement and mastery.

    Successive simulations increase the challenge building on previous learning. The real world applications

        become more relevant with each iteration.

    Adults want practical application.

    Participants quickly related and translate the learning to previous and to anticipated experience.

ProjectMAN® Simulations



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