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"Remember your mission is to drain the swamp,
 it is not to harvest alligators.
 Alligator wrestlers love the tough skin, sharp teeth, and horrible breath!
 Great wrestlers relish the roar of the crowd and the adoration of management!
 Suddenly lizards are being cultivated into alligators for shows at Swamp World!
 Drain the &#@* swamp!!!!"

Lee A. Peters


ProjectLEADER- Project Solutions

Projects create an incredibly rough and tumble environment. Excellence is possible on every project. We have developed strategies, tactics, and tools to assure quality and insure results. Many are available for a nominal fee and some just for the asking. Most are designed to be read and internalized in less than 30 minutes. The topics are narrowly defined so the project manager can easily find the best solution for specific challenges.

For the asking go to the contact page and ask for this.

  • ProjectLEADER Methodology two tabloid sheets show every aspect of project delivery, processes, deliverables, quality control, and risk.

  • Product Development Methodology two tabloid sheets show every aspect of a stage-gate product development process. See the entire product development process at the one time.

  • Project Master's Core Competencies eleven competencies of a Master. Use it to rate yourself or have others rate you.

For $100

  • Plan-to-Plan Results define results from the customer's perspective using the customer's success criteria and metrics to control scope and performance. This is the first fundamental for project success.

  • Plan-to-Plan Issues Capture issues. Develop issues using Strategic, Tactical, Operational, Task/Tools, Resources, and Methods.

  • Plan-to-Plan Categories Organize issues by Categories using Assumptions, Decisions, Threats, Opportunities, Imperatives, Information, Resolution, Definitions.

  • Work Breakdown Structure Learn to develop adequate detail in creating a work breakdown structure. Scope is clearly defined only by the WBS. This is the second of the fundamentals for project success.

  • Scope Definition Eight variables combine to completely specify project scope. Use each of the eight to write a statement of work for your next project.    

For $300

  • Basic Scheduling Learn the basics of critical path scheduling while planning your project.

  • Project Risk Analysis Structured approach to finding and fixing risk within a project. Rigor is unsurpassed.

  • Preparing for Project Negotiation Detailed preparation process leading through Context, Content, Conduct, and Close.

  • Structured Project Planning Strategic, Tactics, Operations, Resources, Methods keys to quality planning. Project Success and Project Quality vary directly with planning quality.

  • Project Manager Problem Diagnosis Why do some project managers accomplish more that others? Help each other learn from the best. Use Project Master's Core Competencies in a structured process to analyze and then imprint best practices.

  • Project Methodology Problem Diagnosis What works and what needs to be changed using the ProjectMAGIC System and ProjectMAGIC Methodology.  Make your project management methodology the strongest possible.

  • Care and Feeding of Project Teams All you wanted to know about project teams and a bit more. How to build a team. How to ensure team processes are in place to maintain team work. How to establish, and maintain cohesiveness in a team. How to equip and enable a team for peak performance.

  • Others Check out courses under Develop Leaders. These can be converted to self-study modules.


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